About the author

Mr. Smith, a former police lieutenant, joined the San Diego Police Department in 1978. He began a second career as an author after recovering from a car accident that forced him to retire from law enforcement.

During his police career, Mr. Smith gained extensive experience as a trainer, teacher, and public speaker. He’s worked as one of two teaching specialists responsible for the ongoing training of a police department with 1800 members, taught traffic school, and lectured at the University of Southern California’s Delinquency Control Institute. He’s spoken to dozens of business and community groups in his capacity as a community relations officer and is a founding member and former vice president of the SDPD’s Toastmaster’s Club and a former vice president of the San Diego City Schools Police Officers’ Association.

His radio interviews on the topic of police use of deadly force have aired in such cities as San Diego, Los Angeles, Denver, Washington D.C., Dallas, and New York.

His academic achievements include being both class president and honor graduate of the 107th Delinquency Control Institute at the University of Southern California where he subsequently joined the faculty. He  majored in Literature and Creative Writing at San Diego State University.

Mr. Smith lives in Ashland, Oregon, where he enjoys attending the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

15 Responses to “About the author”

  1. Debbie Says:

    Nice, made me want to find out more about the character and what demons caused him to go to that extreme. Max, what a great name for a dog! Can’t wait to read more.

  2. bette Says:

    Is your last book still in print? I’ll have to look for it. If I find a copy can I send it up to you to get it signed to add to my collection?

  3. Rick Martin Says:

    Hello Tim,

    I ran into you at one of the many retirement parties in 2009. we talked for a short time. It was good to touch base with you again!

  4. Steve Willard Says:

    To Tim,

    This is a bit awkward to bring up, but to avoid confusion perhaps you might want to consider a different name for your book. I authored a book entitled “America’s Finest” in 2007. It could be very confusing to have two books of the same name floating out there. Plus I would hate for people to pass up perhaps ordering yours because they have already read mine.

    Steve Willard

  5. Chuck Poole Says:

    Dear Tim,

    Having known you since you were a small child, it it is really thrilling to learn about your book. Of course I can’t wait to read it. May I take the privilege of saying that I know your Mom and Dad would be so-o-o-o-o proud of you. As your Uncle, I am thrilled with your accomplishments and happy that you are sharing your gifted mind and talents with others. You are the greatest!

  6. Dave Spisak Says:

    Couldn’t figure out to pre-order. Can I get on a list? Or maybe directions for the, you know, not quite prime time?

  7. Alex Vargo Says:


    Long time since we worked together. Hope you emember me,,,, Kimberly, myself and pat drummy in Crime analysis. Pre-ordered your new book and really looking forward to it. Retired now and enjoying life. If you get into town please let me know. Good luck on the new book.

    • Timothy B. Smith Says:

      Hi Alex: Of course I remember you! I’m glad you’re interested in the book and would love to discuss it with you after you’ve read it. I’ll be holding some signings in San Diego in December. Maybe you could come to one of those. Hope to see you soon.

  8. Ray Says:

    Curse you! Your comments in the S.D. U-T article were soooo articulate and right on that I’ve got to buy your darn book….

  9. Dev (AKA "Deb") Polimer Says:

    Were you known as “Tibby” at USC? If so, I would love to compare notes. I’m also a writer!

    • TB Smith Says:

      Dear Deb,
      Thank you for your comment from 2013. Sorry it took me so long to answer.
      I am not the “Tibby” to which you are referring. But, I hope you find him.
      Are you a novelist? Or do you write non-fiction? What are your published titles?

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