Dallas Barnes Collaborates with CopWorld Press

Why do cops write? Because everything a cop does requires writing. Daily Logs, arrests reports, crime reports, incident reports and on and on. As part of their duties cops write about a myriad of things most of the world never sees. Murder, rape, assault, child abuse, accidents, drugs, bloody bodies, alive and dead, emotional victims, combative arrestee’s, altercations, pursuits and more. Cops see it and cops write about it, again and again. It is not unusual for a cop’s report to be read by thousands, and many become records that last decades.

Some cops, and I’m one of them, are compelled to write. I’ve been fortunate to have seven novels published. All based on my police experiences. I’ve sold over a million copies in seven different countries. My novels became a bridge to primetime where I wrote for twenty-three different series and several motion pictures for television. Why tell you this? Because on a regular basis I see cops writing about their experiences on line. Many of these stories are compelling reads, and many could be novels that have never found print.

My point is, if you’re a cop, and like me, you write because you have, and you’ve written a novel and don’t know what to do next, join the club, I’ve been there. My first trek to becoming a novelist was all up hill. That was then. Fortunately, with the dawn of the internet, it has all changed.

Forget about just dreaming about your book. Forget about sending it to someone you don’t know. Forget about worrying about scams and rip offs. Now there is a Cop who has created a publishing company dedicated to Law Enforcement. The company is CopWorld Press. The cop who created it is TB Smith. TB is a kindred spirit, a retired San Diego Cop who knows what its like to carry a badge and gun. More importantly he knows how to turn dreams into a book.

Not only did I congratulate TB on the opportunity he has created for cops who write I signed with him to publish my seventh novel. I’m not exactly new to writing and publishing, but after learning of TB’s vision I signed with CopWorld for my seventh novel. The title is A Man in Heat and it’s scheduled for release in April 2018. So, if you’re a cop, a former cop or a retired cop and you’re determined to get published find CopWorld on the internet or TB Smith on face book. No, I haven’t been paid or solicited to do this. I’m like Smith. I just like cop stories.

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