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Another Review of The Sticking Place

July 1, 2011
This review is from: The Sticking Place (A Luke Jones Novel) (Paperback)

This is great writing.

It features a memorable protagonist who’s fresh from the 1978, San Diego Police Academy and struggling to learn his new job amidst the PD’s complicated culture and internal politics. Oh– and that protagonist, Rookie Officer Luke Jones– is a Bard quoting Shakespearean scholar.

Luke soon finds that standard police dangers are the easiest part of his job as he tries fitting in to a culture rife with hazing, but he won’t tolerate being hazed. He needs to learn how to keep his mouth shut, but he’s too busy vocally fighting for his rights and those of his friends. Fitting in is important, but not as important as staying true to himself and standing up for his beliefs. And, quoting the Bard. He always has to quote the Bard.

All the while, the gloss on the place that has the temerity to call itself “America’s Finest City” is slowly peeling away. Luke deals with the everyday messes that come with police work; suicide, drinking drivers, raging crazies, and homeless drunks. And then there’s the clash between the Mayor, the police brass and the rank and file. As if that isn’t enough, there’s the hatred and mistrust of the police by some, combined with the expectations of the powerful elite who think they can demand special treatment.

Fortunately for Luke–he has all of Shakespeare’s canon to draw from – not just for the comfort of the exquisite prose, but as a battering ram to hammer against the egos of senior officers wanting to belittle him and even as a tool to save a few lives.

San Diego’s alternate name “America’s Finest City” would be a great title for this terrific novel. But since Luke Jones has the courage to recite Shakespeare in an unfriendly environment, “The Sticking Place” is the perfect title.