The More Things Change, the More they Remain the Same

Ever heard the expression, “the more things change, the more they remain the same?” Here’s a brief quotation from an essay on initiative and leadership that Napoleon Hill wrote circa 1925 to prove the point.

You are paying and your children and children’s children will continue to pay for the cost of the most expensive and destructive war the world has ever known because nations have not yet learned that a part of the world cannot suffer without damage and suffering to the whole world.

This same rule applies, with telling effect, in the conduct of modern business and industry. When an industry becomes disorganized and torn asunder by strikes and other forms of disagreement, both the employers and the employees suffer irreparable loss. But, the damage does not stop here; the loss becomes a burden to the public and takes on the form of higher prices and scarcity of the necessities of life…

It may be truthfully stated that the high cost of living that everywhere manifests itself today has grown out of lack of application of the principle of cooperative leadership. Those who wish to decry present systems of government and industrial management may do so, but in the final analysis, it becomes obvious to all except those who are not seeking the truth that the evils of government and of industry have grown out of lack of cooperation.



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