Another Review of The Sticking Place

This review is from: The Sticking Place (A Luke Jones Novel) (Paperback)

Mr. Smith presented an excellent very readable writing style in “The Sticking Place”. Mr. Smith is obviously very knowledgeable and technically accurate in the “police procedure genre”. His central character, Luke Jones, is compelling and begins to evolve from being a badge-heavy, technically correct but somewhat unfeeling rookie police enforcer-automaton, who was initially attracted to police work only because it paid better than his alternative of teaching classical literature to high school students, into a seasoned veteran of uniform police service who develops a caring and sophisticated perspective through his experiences about the role of police in society, the impact of the police on the lives of the people they deal with, the emotional impact of policework on the lives of policemen and policewomen, and the interaction of the police with their elected political administration. I think that there is great promise here, and I look forward to reading future works by Mr. Smith.


One Response to “Another Review of The Sticking Place”

  1. babelljurus Says:

    Ah, Tim, that’s a wonderful review! They sure don’t get much better than that. I have to say you show promise as a writer…:))))) Just couldn’t resist that. :)))) You have any ideas on what you’ll write next? I’m ready to read. :)))
    Hugs…Betty :)))

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