The First in a Series of Reviews of “The Sticking Place.”

Harlan Lewin “writer, travel photographer” (San Francisco, CA United States) – See all my reviews
This review is from: The Sticking Place (A Luke Jones Novel) (Paperback)

I just finished and greatly enjoyed “The Sticking Place.” It got better and better as I read it and both character development and plot were well and subtly structured. The main character is a newbie policeman who, besides being physically powerful is also a brainy Shakespeare buff (puzzling and annoying many of his fellow cops). The book (and the subsequent series) is truly unique and attractive due to the totally unexpected injection of the Shakespearean perspective and the depth that adds to the story and understanding of the police experience. The story holds your attention with the well-paced development of the main characters, cerebral policeman Luke Jones and his risk prone, sex-obsessed roommate fellow newbie cop Denny Durango. This is a book full of the tragedy and grittiness of alcohol and divorce prone minor characters inhabiting the sleazy side of the beautiful landscape of San Diego, California.


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