Special mortgage programs for cops and fire fighters

I’ve been knee-deep in a condo remodel for the past six weeks and this blog has been silent the whole time. The remodel is a good reminder of why I chose two careers that don’t involve physical labor!

Today, I’m posting a guest blog from my friends at Rex Downing Associates Realtors. Because this blog is specifically for all things related to cops and cop literature, I’ve never discussed business issues. However, Rex Downing Associates qualify to comment on these pages in three important ways. They’re patrons of the arts, friends of the police, and they offer programs specially designed to assist sworn law enforcement officers and fire fighters purchase a home in these difficult times. Here’s what they have to say.

You’re a public safety employee with a modest income, limited cash, no rich relatives, a few credit dings and a major car payment. Is it delusional to think that you can buy a home?

Good news! You can get your foot in the door, even if you work in an expensive area like Southern California. We have access to an amazing loan program for sworn law enforcement officers and fire department members. With as little as three percent down — with no mortgage insurance! — and a credit score of 620, you can be in the market for a new home tomorrow. Down payment assistance programs are permitted, and more flexible terms and conditions for credit history, income, ratios and reserves are in place.

To find out more, contact Rex Downing Associates at 619-280-7399 or info@rexdowning.com.


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