Kindle release for “The Sticking Place.”

It’ nearly time for the e-book release of “The Sticking Place.” I just got word from Amazon that the Kindle version will be released this Friday, April 1. I HOPE A LOT OF PEOPLE ENJOY IT!



4 Responses to “Kindle release for “The Sticking Place.””

  1. BAJ Says:

    How’s the weather up there, Tim? We’ve had nothing but sunshine today with fat clouds floating off to the east. :))) And Wes emailed that his book may be sold too! Leif and Nancy are moving to a condo in Hillcrest across from Balboa Park, so he’s been packing like crazy. Miles just sent his 14 year old son, Ryan, off to DC with his class. They’ll stay a week. Jeanie and I had breakfast on the patio at Acapulco this morn..and Miss Barb joined us there yesterday. I’m heading for Seau’s patio tomorrow morning. Gawd, but their biscuits and sausage gravy are just terrific. :))) Hugs..:))) Betty

    • Timothy B. Smith Says:

      Hi there: The weather up here’s kinda funky. Changes very quickly, rain then snow then sun. It’s beautiful! Thanks for keeping in touch. That’s exciting news about Wes. Let’s hope it works out for him.

  2. BAJ Says:

    Delighted that you’re enjoying up there. When are you coming home?

    • Timothy B. Smith Says:

      Hi there. Thanks for the kind and generous review on your blog. I expect to be in San Diego for a week or so in early June. I have a signing in conjunction with the San Diego Shakespeare Society on June 7, at the Upstart Crow. By the by, you’re welcome to email me directly at

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