A Link to Signonsandiego’s Q&A Interview with Feature Writer John Wilkens

Signonsandiego.com Q & A

I’ve attached a link to my Q&A interview with feature writer John Wilkens that was published on Saturday, March 12, 2011, on http://www.signonsandiego.com. An abbreviated version appeared in the Sunday edition of the San Diego Union-Tribune the following day.

Since Mr. Wilkens mentions my law enforcement background as a point of interest in the article, I’d like to say a word of thanks to a current cop who continually contributes to the literary landscape. His name is Wes Albers and he’s a sergeant on the San Diego Police Department. Although Wes and I share the SDPD heritage, we actually met when I attended the Southern California Writer’s Conference in February, 2009. In addition to his law enforcement duties, Wes is a conference Director who’s helped launch many a writing career, including mine.

Soon after I met Wes, he introduced me to Jean Jenkins, a freelance editor with a particular expertise in crime fiction. I immediately saw the wisdom of Wes’s advice to spend some time with Jean before bothering a publisher with a manuscript that needed polishing.

Although I’m sure Jean doesn’t mind being called an editor, it’s a little like calling a mother a child care provider. The description is a mere surface-scratcher when it comes to the role she plays in the careers of the writers fortunate enough to partner with her. Our friendship and affiliation have been invaluable to me. Jean not only guided me in making “The Sticking Place” publishable, she’s been a counselor and mentor and an ally in marketing the book.

All of this is a direct result of my seeking out Wes Albers at the Southern California Writer’s Conference and I thought my readers should know about it.


6 Responses to “A Link to Signonsandiego’s Q&A Interview with Feature Writer John Wilkens”

  1. Kris Grant Says:

    Interested in reviewing your book. I publish a magazine, Coronado Lifestyle, mailed to all Coronado residents. I see you wrote (part of?) the book at Villa Capri… did any of the scenes take place in Coronado?

    I did an interview with author Steve Martini last summer… placed him on the cover of my fall 2010 issue.

    Is it possible to email me a chapter or two? Will you be in Coronado prior to Friday’s signing? Thanks. — Kris

    • Timothy B. Smith Says:

      Hi Kris: Looking forward to your coverage. None of the action of the book takes place in Coronado, but I did compose and edit significant portions of it at the Villa Capri and at the beautiful Coronado library.

  2. BAJ Says:

    Am gonna have to search out that Police Officers’ Assn so I can get a copy and ask you to sign it.

    Betty Abell Jurus

  3. BAJ Says:

    Hi Tim…Congratulations! It’s a wonderful thing when your book gets published, isn’t it? So super of you to credit Jeanie and Wes in your blog post above. Know they’ll appreciate it. Had breakfast with both of them this morning and we talked about “The Sticking Place”, and I wondered if you had signed copies at Mysterious Galaxy…the closest bookstore to me. If not, am gonna have to search out Police Officers Assn to get a copy and ask you to sign it. :))
    Betty Abell Jurus

  4. BAJ Says:

    Was great that you were able to join us at Seau’s tonight! Now you know where we are, don’t be a stranger! :)))

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