A Request from SDPD Captain Miguel Rosario

I toyed for a while with the notion of writing a tribute to the recently deceased R. D. Brown for this blog. But I kept remembering the funeral eulogy delivered by SDPD Captain Miguel Rosario. Those remembrances focused me on the few sure things I’ve learned as a writer. You don’t tug on Superman’s cape; you don’t slather your prose with excessive adjectives, and you don’t try to improve on perfection. Miguel Rosario’s eulogy was the perfect tribute to R. D. Brown and he’s consented to guest post it here. Look for it this Thursday, March 3.

Miguel also sent along a request that I’ve copied below.

T.B. I am in the process of creating a collection of RD stories to
include in a small book I am putting together for his family. The
book will include some pictures of RD, photo the day he was hired in
1968, a number of official SDPD ID cards I found in his personnel
file with some classic RD head shots and a few other pictures when he
worked undercover. I wanted to have a story for each page that
featured a picture.

Can you forward me the stories as they come in and maybe even let
people know that I am asking for some great stories that are clean.

Thank you in advance

I’m forwarding to Miguel the stories I’ve received and posted on this blog. You can send your stories to him at mrosario@pd.sandiego.gov


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