Another RD story from Carl Smith

Tim. I remember that we were roommates in probably 1979 or 80. I moved out and RD moved in with you. It was in Paradise Hills I think. Anyway, I didn’t take my bed with me right away and RD started using it. One day I called and told him I was coming to pick the bed up. I got to the house about 9:00 AM and he answered the door. It was obvious to me that I had woke him up. I told him I was there to pick up my bed. He said “OK come on in”. We walked to the bedroom where my mattress was but there was a woman sleeping on it. He just reached down, grabbed the mattress and yanked it out from under her tossing her onto the floor. RD said “Here you go”, handed me my mattress and laid down on the floor next to her and went back to sleep. I never laughed so freaking hard in my life. But then again, that was RD Brown.


One Response to “Another RD story from Carl Smith”

  1. Anne ODell Says:

    Well thank the goddess..that was not me as I have no memory of it………..Anne

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