A Question of Motivation

I received a forwarded email questioning my motivation in posting these stories about RD Brown on my blog. In a nutshell, the emailer wanted to know if I wanted to post these stories to honor RD or to get material for future books. The honest truth is, NEITHER. I had a 27-year career in law enforcement and, like many of the people reading this, have a lot of personal stories to draw from, together with lots of living friends willing to share their stories with me.

Neither am I doing this to honor RD, because I doubt very much that he’s bothering to read my blog. If I’m mistaken, I’m hoping he’s enjoying it!

I loved RD Brown, have my own memories and stories of our friendship, and thought others would enjoy sharing their stories and feelings about him. I also thought they might appreciate reading what others have to say about their personal relationships with RD over the decades. It’s as simple as that.


2 Responses to “A Question of Motivation”

  1. Maureen Hall Says:

    Not only were you colleagues but you were friends and roommates. I know that you are only doing this for the rest of us who knew and loved RD, or only heard RD stories, to reminisce and get to know him better. Thanks Tim.

  2. Tim Jones Says:

    I worked on more that one squad where every officer had a “spare” nametag that read “RD Brown”. When things went wrong, we all put them on, even if RD wasn’t around!
    And when things did go wrong, its RD we all wanted to come around; we knew our butts would be OK if RD was there. What a bull of a man! We’ll all miss RD, and for my money, any book you could put together about this cop’s cop would make good reading, and I hope you do!

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