The First Installment of R.D. Stories from Bill Howell

Detectives from all units traditionally met at the coffee shop at 801 W. Market early in the morning prior to morning briefing.
We were all sitting around one of the larger tables when RD walked in. At the time, he was married to another employee of the PD.
He looked a bit disheveled. He placed a 1 gallon glass bottle in front of his empty chair and went to go get a cup of coffee. The bottle contained a grey, powdery substance.
We were all quizzical as to what this might be.
RD returned to the table, sat down and slumped.
One of the guys finally piped up “Yo, RD, what’s with the jar?”
RD’s reply : “Those are all my worldly possessions. She stacked them out in the front yard and lit them on fire last night”.

Bill Howell


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