What Makes a Book a Bestseller?

What exactly is the road to a bestselling book? It helps if you have lots of name recognition or are already an established author with a large readership. First time authors definitely have a tough time of it, especially in these days and nights of apocalyptic change in the overall economy and in the publishing industry in particular.

“The Sticking Place” has taken its first step. Because of the way the national book distribution system works, it won’t be officially released until this March, but is available through my publisher at http://www.hellgatepress.com and at a few select bookstores where I’ve held personal signings.

One of those stores is Mysterious Galaxy located at 7051 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard, suite #302, San Diego, Ca 92111. They’ve carried “The Sticking Place” since December 11, when they hosted a holiday party and book signing event with ten authors in attendance. I was one of those authors and received an email today informing me that “The Sticking Place” is on their best seller list for soft cover books.

It’s a great venue that carries a lot of terrific titles and holds numerous signing events with many of today’s top authors. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great read.

“The Sticking Place” is also currently available at Bloomsbury Books located at 290 East Main Street in Ashland, Oregon, and at Four Eyed Frog Books, located at 39138 Ocean Drive, Gualala, Ca, 95445.


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