Feedback for “The Sticking Place”

Here’s some feedback from readers of “The Sticking Place” along with my responses. They’re both retired law enforcement officers who’ve focused their comments on the authenticity of the police experience evoked in the pages of the book.

Tim, I really enjoyed your book!!! Read it in almost one setting. I was there!, I could identify with the radio calls, the FTO’s and the politics of the time! You nailed it! I have to say the only character I had trouble believing in was the female President of the POA??? Give me a break, at that time, women were barely tolerated let alone represented by the POA! I remember there being a movement being pushed to start a Female POA, because there were several who felt the POA was not open or responsive to our needs! Oh, the memories!!!

Hi Shawna: Thanks for the kind words about the book. I made a calculated choice to make the POA Pres. a woman because of the dearth of other female characters. I know it’s a stretch, but one that seemed internally important for the modern audience.

Shawna’s response–Perry said to tell you he enjoyed it and that “it brought back a lot of memories, some good, some not so good!” It’s the rare book that keeps him up past midnight reading! Can’t wait for the next one!

She followed up with an order for four more copies of the book. Remember, it’s still available for pre-release through me, through my publisher, or at one of the several bookstores where I’ve held pre-release readings. This is a good time to buy the book because it’s looking like we’ll be on the second edition before the official March release to Amazon and the super stores.


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