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More RD Stories

January 19, 2011

Here’s one from personal experience, together with one that Lou Scanlon, currently the COP of Coronado, shared with me last week.

R D and I were roomies some time around the late 1970s and early 1980s. One evening, he came home from working one of his plain clothes assignments and said it had been quite a while since he’d been in trouble and was feeling pretty good about his chances to stay in investigations. He then proceeded to give me his uniforms and told me to take them from his closet. Two days later, he came home and said, “Hey Timmy, remember them uniforms I gave you? Put them back in my closet.” I’m not sure what he did to get in trouble that time but he was working western patrol the next day.

Lou Scanlon told me that, on the day Lou reported to Western Division as the commanding officer, RD met him at the door to the station, holding a pad of paper. RD told Lou, “I’m glad you’re here, Captain. I’ve been waiting for you. Here’s a list of all the people you’ll need to watch out for.” Then he handed Lou the paper with a list of all the “straight shooters” in the division, the guys who carried bibles in their cars and never got in trouble a day in their careers.

RD and Nametags

January 19, 2011

I worked on more than one squad where every officer had a “spare” nametag that read “RD Brown”. When things went wrong, we all put them on, even if RD wasn’t around!
And when things did go wrong, its RD we all wanted to come around; we knew our butts would be OK if RD was there. What a bull of a man! We’ll all miss RD, and for my money, any book you could put together about this cop’s cop would make good reading, and I hope you do!

Tim Jones

A Question of Motivation

January 18, 2011

I received a forwarded email questioning my motivation in posting these stories about RD Brown on my blog. In a nutshell, the emailer wanted to know if I wanted to post these stories to honor RD or to get material for future books. The honest truth is, NEITHER. I had a 27-year career in law enforcement and, like many of the people reading this, have a lot of personal stories to draw from, together with lots of living friends willing to share their stories with me.

Neither am I doing this to honor RD, because I doubt very much that he’s bothering to read my blog. If I’m mistaken, I’m hoping he’s enjoying it!

I loved RD Brown, have my own memories and stories of our friendship, and thought others would enjoy sharing their stories and feelings about him. I also thought they might appreciate reading what others have to say about their personal relationships with RD over the decades. It’s as simple as that.

Another RD story from Carl Smith

January 18, 2011

Tim. I remember that we were roommates in probably 1979 or 80. I moved out and RD moved in with you. It was in Paradise Hills I think. Anyway, I didn’t take my bed with me right away and RD started using it. One day I called and told him I was coming to pick the bed up. I got to the house about 9:00 AM and he answered the door. It was obvious to me that I had woke him up. I told him I was there to pick up my bed. He said “OK come on in”. We walked to the bedroom where my mattress was but there was a woman sleeping on it. He just reached down, grabbed the mattress and yanked it out from under her tossing her onto the floor. RD said “Here you go”, handed me my mattress and laid down on the floor next to her and went back to sleep. I never laughed so freaking hard in my life. But then again, that was RD Brown.

The Second Installment from RD’s ex-wife

January 17, 2011

Here’s one that sounds eerily similar to the first one. The same story from two different perspectives?

One time after RD and I had a huge argument over (u know what)—Editor’s note—(u know what= other women) Billy Holmes walked into the cafeteria on Market St. holding two jars. One was filled with a light colored substance and the other with a black substance…Billy told RD and the other guys I had burned all his clothes and left the two jars at Holmes’s house. He said the light one contained the remains of all of RD’s white clothes and underwear, and the other contained the remains of all of RD’s dark clothes…

Hugs! Anne O’Dell

The First Installment of R.D. Stories from Bill Howell

January 17, 2011

Detectives from all units traditionally met at the coffee shop at 801 W. Market early in the morning prior to morning briefing.
We were all sitting around one of the larger tables when RD walked in. At the time, he was married to another employee of the PD.
He looked a bit disheveled. He placed a 1 gallon glass bottle in front of his empty chair and went to go get a cup of coffee. The bottle contained a grey, powdery substance.
We were all quizzical as to what this might be.
RD returned to the table, sat down and slumped.
One of the guys finally piped up “Yo, RD, what’s with the jar?”
RD’s reply : “Those are all my worldly possessions. She stacked them out in the front yard and lit them on fire last night”.

Bill Howell

Stories of R.D. Brown

January 17, 2011

I’m getting the word out that I’m offering friends of the recently deceased SDPD legend, R.D. Brown, the opportunity to share their stories of him via my blog. This can be accomplished, either by emailing them directly to me @, or by posting comments at

What Makes a Book a Bestseller?

January 5, 2011

What exactly is the road to a bestselling book? It helps if you have lots of name recognition or are already an established author with a large readership. First time authors definitely have a tough time of it, especially in these days and nights of apocalyptic change in the overall economy and in the publishing industry in particular.

“The Sticking Place” has taken its first step. Because of the way the national book distribution system works, it won’t be officially released until this March, but is available through my publisher at and at a few select bookstores where I’ve held personal signings.

One of those stores is Mysterious Galaxy located at 7051 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard, suite #302, San Diego, Ca 92111. They’ve carried “The Sticking Place” since December 11, when they hosted a holiday party and book signing event with ten authors in attendance. I was one of those authors and received an email today informing me that “The Sticking Place” is on their best seller list for soft cover books.

It’s a great venue that carries a lot of terrific titles and holds numerous signing events with many of today’s top authors. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great read.

“The Sticking Place” is also currently available at Bloomsbury Books located at 290 East Main Street in Ashland, Oregon, and at Four Eyed Frog Books, located at 39138 Ocean Drive, Gualala, Ca, 95445.

Feedback for “The Sticking Place”

January 4, 2011

Here’s some feedback from readers of “The Sticking Place” along with my responses. They’re both retired law enforcement officers who’ve focused their comments on the authenticity of the police experience evoked in the pages of the book.

Tim, I really enjoyed your book!!! Read it in almost one setting. I was there!, I could identify with the radio calls, the FTO’s and the politics of the time! You nailed it! I have to say the only character I had trouble believing in was the female President of the POA??? Give me a break, at that time, women were barely tolerated let alone represented by the POA! I remember there being a movement being pushed to start a Female POA, because there were several who felt the POA was not open or responsive to our needs! Oh, the memories!!!

Hi Shawna: Thanks for the kind words about the book. I made a calculated choice to make the POA Pres. a woman because of the dearth of other female characters. I know it’s a stretch, but one that seemed internally important for the modern audience.

Shawna’s response–Perry said to tell you he enjoyed it and that “it brought back a lot of memories, some good, some not so good!” It’s the rare book that keeps him up past midnight reading! Can’t wait for the next one!

She followed up with an order for four more copies of the book. Remember, it’s still available for pre-release through me, through my publisher, or at one of the several bookstores where I’ve held pre-release readings. This is a good time to buy the book because it’s looking like we’ll be on the second edition before the official March release to Amazon and the super stores.