Feeling more lively

Brain surgery is a handy excuse for taking a long time between posts. The snipping and dicing happened on October 14, of 2009, with radiation treatments following in March, and April, of 2010. I’m back in the game now though.

Good things have simmered in the background while I’ve convalesced and Hellgate Press will soon announce the release date for my first novel, along with information about how to pre-order. It’s title has been changed from “America’s Finest” to “The Sticking Place.”

I’d like to thank the physicians who’ve helped put me on the road to recovery. They’re all from Scripps Health San Diego, and I name them and their specialties below.

Dr. Xing Ren-Internist
Dr. Christopher Uchiama-Neurosurgeon
Dr. Matthew Levine-Endocrinolosist
Dr. John Romine-Neurologist
Dr. Prabhakar Tripuraneni-Radiation Oncologist


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2 Responses to “Feeling more lively”

  1. Maureen Hall Says:

    Brain surgery? Radiation? Tim, my sweet, what’s up? What did I miss?

  2. Kathy riggs-Ruopp Says:

    Tin,It sounds like you had a brain tumor???
    so glad you’re doing well…Looking forward to the book. be well my friend!

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