Online Cop World Reunion

I’ve gotten such a great response to the blog that I’ve decided to host an online “Cop World” reunion. Unfortunately, “Cop World’s” author, James McClure died a few years ago, but his book certainly had a big impact on the SDPD. He gave pseudonyms to everyone the rank of lieutenant or below in the book and used real names for higher ranking officers. The name he gave me was Luke Jones. I remember reading the book extremely carefully when it first came out, trying to figure out which pseudonym went with which officer.

This is an open invitation for input about your own experience with “Cop World.” Were you in it? What was your pseudonym? Anything else you’d like to share? You can either add a comment on this page or, if you have a lengthy response, email it to me at and I’ll include it as a guest post.


One Response to “Online Cop World Reunion”

  1. marlene muse Says:

    Hi..I came on the scene when I was just 18. volunteering, became a reserve then a Regular officer when I was 23, in 1979. I attended Grossmont College wih Donovan Jacobs, he was a nice guy. I was also married to an officer that worked southeast San Diego for 20 years. I heard a lot of stories. I also remember the Disco days, and Kolanders ordeals….for me they were my best memories ever. I remember the stories about National City, and people saying “when you step out of the car in National City…Put your hands on the car, and do what they say, they mean business”! Terry Heart got a bad rap for that one. My Ex was a good cop….If I was in trouble I would have been happy if he was the first officer on the scene. He knew when he could treat someone with kindness, and who he needed to Jack -Up. I was a slender female, my dad did not want me to be a cop in the first place, I wouldn’t listen to him and did anyway. I left the department as an officert when my son EJ was young…but it taught me how to raise my kids. After working Missing persons for 9 years, I left the Department. Well All I have to say is COP doesn’t work, especially today. The type of people that are out there today do not respect human life. I tell people wanting to go into Law Enforcement you almost have to be para military. Well thanks for letting me tell a story….if I had to do it all over again…I sure would!

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